Friday 5 for the Week of July 21, 2014


Miss something this week? That’s OK. We’ve got your back like a chiropractor. Here’s what other entrepreneurs have been reading, sharing, and commenting on this week on GoSmallBiz.

Is Your Mindset Holding Your Startup Back?

Startups are risky ventures. So much so that 3 out of 4 fail. But really, failure is a part of life. Everyone fails, and business is certainly no exception. But the failure is not the important thing. What really matters is how you handle those mistakes… Read more

Business Mentoring Series — Setting Yourself Up for Success

By the time Jesse Maddox quit his corporate job he had the idea for what would eventually become TripLingo close to finalized, but success wasn’t a foregone conclusion. The “lucky” breaks that came next were a mixture of hard work and persistence… Read more

C Corporation: Pros and Cons

A C Corporation (also referred to simply as a corporation) is the most common corporate structure, especially for large companies. Like the LLC, a corporation must be created by the state, and offers protection to its owners, while also incurring obligations from the business to the state in the form of compliance and annual maintenance activities… Read more

Facebook Business Page Types Explained

As you look to start a Facebook page for your business or company, many get stuck on the first step — choosing a page type. It can be overwhelming, especially if you’re unsure of the benefits of each page type. While you can always edit this later, starting on the right foot is important… Read more

Consultant’s Corner: Increasing Website Traffic

Some business owners elect to implement search engine optimization (SEO) methods themselves; however, higher search engine rankings take time to develop and there is no technique that will produce quick results. Here are some ways you can start increasing your website traffic… Read more


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