Friday 5 for the Week of July 20th, 2015


Small Business Stories: Branding for B2B Business

By: Dan Fontaine

If you think branding isn’t important for a B2B business, think again. In the past, a lot of B2B marketers didn’t pay as much attention to branding, but in today’s market where it’s easy for… 2 minute video

An Amazing Customer Service Story: The Human Bench

By: Shep Hyken

It isn’t every day that a company has the opportunity to create an over-the-top customer experience. That’s what makes them so special. That’s why they become legends that are talked… 3 minute read

Best of Business Mentoring: Developing a Powerful Team

With: Kory Kogon and Fran Tarkenton

Kory Kogon is the Global Practice Leader for Productivity at FranklinCovey, and in her mentoring series she talks about her research and work on time management, communication, and… Watch previews

Incorrectly Pricing Your Product or Service

By: Ted Jenkin

Most new business owners tend to undervalue what they charge for their work and services in order to compensate for not being as established as their competitors. As long as you have… 2 minute read

The 6 C’s of Relevant Benefits

By: Chris Barnes

No matter what business you’re in, the way to succeed and get more customers is by providing great value. Consumers have to look at your product or service and decide that what you’re… 3 minute read


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