Friday 5 for the Week of January 25th, 2016


Business Mentoring: The Fun of Running a Business

By Sam Nebel and Charlie Siciak

Owning and running your own business is a land of opportunity. The possibilities for what you can do are endless. Goodwipes has achieved a certain level of success, but now… Watch session

5 Ways to Decrease Turnover and Create Loyalty in 2016

By Jason Whitman,

Half of small businesses have trouble finding the right candidate and the right “fit,” according to a recent survey by Indeed of 350 business owners. That challenge… 3 minute read

2016: The Year Real Estate Returned to Normalcy

By Zak Griffith

Last year may have been the best for the housing market since 2007, and it will likely only be getting better in 2016, according to a recent real estate forecast… 4 minute read

Can a 1099 Business Set Up an HRA Plan?

By Bill Wortman

Question: I recently learned about Health Reimbursement Arrangement insurance plans. Are these applicable to someone running a 1099 business with… 4 minute read

Every Detail Matters

By Fran Tarkenton

One of the things that has struck me throughout the years is the attention that the most successful people pay to every little detail. The best leaders aren’t content… 3 minute read


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