Friday 5 for the Week of January 11th, 2016


Why Entrepreneurs Need to Be Scramblers

By Fran Tarkenton

The things I did to become a better quarterback in the NFL have also had a major impact on my life in business. As a quarterback, I was known as a scrambler. That same attitude… 3 minute read

Business Mentoring: The Evolution of Goodwipes

By Sam Nebel and Charlie Siciak

Sam Nebel and Charlie Siciak of Goodwipes bootstrapped their business, as it evolved from a shared habit to an idea to a tangible product with customers and partners… Watch session

Customer Service: What to Do When You Don’t Know

By Shep Hyken

No one wants to show ignorance, so people will sometimes answer a question with what seems to be common sense. And by doing so, they may be giving the wrong answer… 3 minute read

How Much Should You Budget for Marketing?

By Bill Wortman

For established businesses, the general guideline for a marketing budget is a percentage of sales. However, for a startup business with no sales history, the considerations… 2 minute read

It’s Not About Me

By Fran Tarkenton

The reality is that every business has to be about meeting the needs of other people, providing a product or service that other people want, solving the problems of… 3 minute read


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