Friday 5 for the Week of February 23rd, 2015


This week’s Friday 5 is hotter than the deal we got on that 374 piece Ginsu Knife collection from QVC.

If you agree pass this post around with the hashtag #Friday5. Then, please take the remote and turn the TV off for us, for our own good.

Business Mentoring Series — How a Startup Incubator Helps Entrepreneurs with Jim Flannery

with: Fran Tarkenton and Jim Flannery

A startup incubator like Four Athens is focused on helping entrepreneurs start sustainable businesses that create value and help people. Depending on what stage a business is in, startups will get different things out of their experience with an incubator… Watch episode

[Video] Taproom Coffee — Starting a Business

by: Dan Fontaine

For Jonathan Pascual, owner of Taproom Coffee in Kirkwood, Georgia, owning a business started off as a far-off dream. But once it seemed that the dream could become a reality, he quickly went about learning as much as he could about his industry and running a business. Here’s his story… 4 minute video

3 Business Myths  That Prevent Your

Hiring Lessons from the NFL Combine — Look for the People Who Can Make Plays

by: Fran Tarkenton

Over the last week all eyes have been on the NFL Scouting Combine. Every year, potential draftees are put through their paces, running a series of tests and drills to help teams determine who is the biggest, strongest, and fastest, and so will be the best players available on draft day. But the system is completely flawed… 3 minute read

Google Analytics 101: 3 Sources of Website Traffic

by: David Fein

Google Analytics provides business owners with information on the people who visit their websites. However, if you don’t know where to look or understand what you’re looking at, then what good is it? Let’s look at the 3 basic sources of web traffic that will be tracked in Google Analytics… 3 minute read

Forget Big Goals, Focus on Small Wins

by: Matt Tarkenton

We tend to get caught focusing on the big goal, and we ignore the little wins that get us there. But it’s important to remember that any “big win” is composed of multiple small victories. Focus on and celebrate these. Put one foot in front of the other and, before you know it, you’ll find yourself walking down the road to success… 1 minute read



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