Friday 5 for the Week of December 14th, 2015


Business Mentoring: The Importance of Generational Knowledge

With: Ann Fishman and Fran Tarkenton

Understanding generational knowledge helps business owners reach out to different audiences and motivate their teams more effectively. When dealing with Millennials, it’s important… Watch session

Small Biz Stories: Protect Your Vision

By: Dan Fontaine

One of the most important things for an entrepreneur to do at the beginning of a new venture is to protect their vision. Louie Northern suggests that when you are working… 4 minute video

3 Applications to Declutter Your Life

By: Ted Jenkin

Every day, we become more inundated with the overwhelming onslaught of emails in our inboxes. Technology was supposed to make life easier, but in some ways it has just made… 2 minute read

Long Term Focus for Small Business

By: Fran Tarkenton

As a small business owner, it’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of an average day. Especially when work piles up in and around the office, entrepreneurs don’t always take… 3 minute read

Customer Service Strategy: To Serve and Protect

By: Shep Hyken

If we call our customers by another name, it can change the mood, feeling and culture of the company. Ace Hardware uses this concept, referring to its customers as… 3 minute read


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