Friday 5 for the Week of August 8th, 2016


Best of Mentoring: Jesse Maddox on Building a Team

With: Fran Tarkenton and Jesse Maddox

Jesse Maddox’s mentoring series tells the story of how he took the long, winding road to becoming an entrepreneur, from the track to becoming a lawyer to… Watch Session

Maximizing Your Credit Score with a Balance Transfer

By: Bill Wortman

Credit card utilization is one of the most important factors credit scoring models use to calculate one’s credit score. Generally speaking, there is a strong correlation… 3 minute read

5 Key Hiring Tips to Build a Winning Team

By: Fran Tarkenton

Building a business requires a more long-term approach. So rid yourself of the fantasy sports mindset, and consider these five things when choosing a team… 4 minute read

The Two Sides of Customer Service Training

By: Shep Hyken

Understanding what it means to deliver great customer service and being the type of person who can deliver it are two very different things. Anyone can read about… 3 minute read

Progressive Discipline: Steps to Take Before Termination

By: Angela Cordle

One of the most difficult actions you’ll take in business is terminating one of your employees. It’s unpleasant for everyone involved. Although the situation will never… 5 minute read


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