Friday 5 for the Week of August 4, 2014


Miss something this week? Don’t worry. We’ve got your back covered like those two cops from Law & Order… No, not those two, the other two… well, you know what we mean. Here’s what others have been reading, sharing, and commenting on this week.

25 Motivational Quotes to Jumpstart Your Success

According to a study I just made up, over 73% of American workers hate Mondays. While this may be completely untrue (I would guess it’s probably higher), it is true that we all strive to be successful and sometimes we need a little motivation. Here are 25 of our favorite motivational quotes… Read more

[Infographic] How to Influence More Customers Using Social Media

It’s back to school time, so we’ve got a pop quiz for you. According to a recently released study, which social media platform has the most influence on consumer buying behavior? Here’s a hint: It’s not Facebook or Twitter. The answer may surprise you… See the answer

Business Mentoring Series — Building a Team That Wins Together with Santo Stephens

A team is able to accomplish much more together than the individual pieces can accomplish alone. As a linebacker in the NFL, Santo Stephens understood that principle. Building a strong, unified team has been key to his success in both football and in business… Read more

What My Dog Taught Me About Social Media Marketing

Tuesday was National Work Like a Dog Day (yes, really) and so, in honor of that, here are 3 lessons we learned about social media marketing from a dog. Now who needs a treat… Read more

Consultant’s Corner: Forming a General Partnership

So you’re ready to create a new startup venture with a partner. Here are the steps you should take and some key things to be aware of… Read more



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