Friday 5 for the Week of August 29th, 2016


Best of Mentoring: Adam Grant on the Dangers for Givers

With: Fran Tarkenton and Adam Grant

Adam Grant’s mentoring series looks at different perspectives on giving and taking, the differences between the two strategies, and how they relate… Watch session

Contingency Plans for Sole Proprietors

By: Bill Wortman

If prospects ask what will happen to the business if something happens to you, what do you say? The response to this question will vary based on the type of… 2 minute read

Sometimes You Have to Scramble

By: Fran Tarkenton

Making sure you have a plan is important. But what’s even more important is being ready to adjust and change your plan when you encounter… 3 minute read

3 Reasons Your Blog Should Be a Group Effort

By: Deborah Sweeney

Blogs occupy an odd space in the world of business marketing. Typically, a blog is first an SEO tool, a way of injecting your website with fresh, new content to appease… 4 minute read

Use Social Media to Reach Customers in New Ways

By: Shep Hyken

Social media is a great customer service tool that is rarely used to its full potential. While companies may monitor sites such as Facebook and Twitter to know what… 4 minute read


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