Friday 5 for the Week of April 27th, 2015


And with the number 1 pick, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers select… the Friday 5. What!?! It was Jameis!?!

Well, all the experts think they’ll trade for us.

Business Mentoring Series Special — Building a “Webutation”

with: Ted Jenkin and Fran Tarkenton

In this Business Mentoring Series special episode, Ted joins us again and shows you how he expanded the online reach of his business through social media… Watch episode

4 Big Lessons for Small Businesses from Harley Davidson’s Recent Stock Plunge

by: Lynda Bekore

Even if you’re not a huge, publicly-traded mega corporation, you can still learn a lot from Harley Davidson’s recent road rash… 3 minute read

Facebook Business Page Types Explained

by: Harry Kierbow

Sure, you could call Mark Zuckerberg to help you decide which Facebook Page type is best for your business, but we hear he’s hard to get a hold of. So maybe just read this… 5 minute read

[Video] Green Heart Construction — 3 Tips for Entrepreneurs

by: Dan Fontaine

“If you make a mistake, learn from it and make it right.” Seems simple right? The best advice usually is. Pat Sullivan shares 3 things he learned starting a business… Watch video

The Chief Customer Officer — C-Suite’s Newest Member

by: Shep Hyken

To be truly effective, customer service must go all the way to the top. It’s something I’ve been saying for a long time, and it’s catching on… 2 minute read

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