Friday 5 for September 3rd, 2021


Adding an Appointment Form to Your Website

By GoSmallBiz

If your business offers a service that requires booking time with you or your team, implementing an online appointment form will help you keep organized, efficient, and safe… Read article

Correctly Handling Exempt Employees


Do you have exempt employees? Under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), these are employees who are exempt from receiving overtime pay for hours worked beyond 40 in a week, and… Read article

How to Form an LLC in Colorado

By GoSmallBiz

If you’re wondering how to form an LLC in Colorado, you’re on the right track to something exciting. Colorado is one of the best states for starting a business… Read article

Getting Customer Service Right

By Shep Hyken

Thanks to negative experiences, many people look upon customer service interactions with dread. Even getting the basics of customer service right can help your business stand out… Watch video

Small Business in the News

By GoSmallBiz

Are you one of the new entrepreneurs since the pandemic began? New business creation has been at record levels, and part of the ongoing hiring problems businesses have had goes… Read article

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