Friday 5 for October 25th, 2019


The Heart of Customer Service is Respect

By Shep Hyken

Excellence comes out of respect, which is at the heart of customer service. It starts with internal service; treating the employees with the same respect and attitude as you would want the customer treated… Read article

Small Business Mythbusters: Working Interviews


Working interviews can be beneficial to both prospective employees and employers. When interviewees spend a few hours or days embedded in a workplace environment, they get a real-world glimpse… Read article

Adjusting Your Marketing Focus

By Fran Tarkenton

Unfortunately, businesses sometimes miss the mark and end up trying to sell their products or services to the wrong people. Maybe you started without a clear vision of who your target market actually was… Read article

Don’t Do These 4 Things When Business is Booming

By Deborah Sweeney

Success in business is just as much cautionary as it is celebratory. When you start breaking even and gradually grow used to business being on the up and up, naturally you’ll be inclined to spend… Read article

Business Name and Domain Name Change

By Bill Wortman

Changing a business name is a costly and disruptive process, especially for established businesses, so it is not customary for businesses to change their names unless there is compelling reason… Read article


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