Friday 5 for October 23rd, 2020


Are You A/B Testing Your Hiring Practices?


Are you getting the most out of your recruiting and hiring activities? It can sometimes be tricky to identify what is working and what isn’t. That’s why it can be valuable to use A/B Testing in… Read article

Being Grateful in the Valleys

By Shep Hyken

It’s easy to get discouraged when we’re going through a crisis. Tough economic times give us lots of negatives to focus on. But it’s a helpful exercise, even in the toughest times, to think about… Watch video

Small Business in the News

By GoSmallBiz

We’ve spent several months adapting to the “new normal”…but what if things continue to change and add additional challenges to the way we operate? Businesses must be ready to adapt… Read article

Converting Prospects into Paying Customers

By Matt Tarkenton

One simple, yet oft-forgotten step to converting prospects is to put yourself in the customer’s position. Make sure your company is easy for customers and is the kind of business that you… Read article

3 Things Entrepreneurs Need to Know About Corporate Resolutions

By Deborah Sweeney

Yep, corporate resolutions can be on just about any subject and there are many situations in which you need a specific resolution to cover a transaction. Some common ones include… Read article


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