Friday 5 for March 6th, 2020


5 Top Tax-Saving Tips

By Mike Allpass

Looking for the best ways your small business can save money at tax time? We’ve got five tips, including understanding qualified business income, tax advantaged retirement plans, and more… Read article

How to Optimize Your Google My Business Listing

By Taylor Hughes

In order to make the most of Google’s free resource, a Google My Business Listing requires continuous monitoring and ongoing engagement from a business owner or administrator, such as… Read article

Prepping for the CRM

By Alejandro Castro

When researching the right CRM for your business, it’s best to find one that can do mass uploads. However, the question a new user may face is: what is a mass upload, and how does… Read article

Leaders Accept Responsibility

By Shep Hyken

Great leaders recognize the people on their team who deserve it. They can, as President Dwight Eisenhower put it, “push praise down.” But what about blame? Great leaders also… Watch video

Salary History Bans


Do you ask job candidates for their salary history? Be careful: 14 states, plus several major cities and counties, have banned the practice for private employers. So what do these bans mean… Read article


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