Friday 5 for March 20th, 2020


Tax Reporting Changes for Employers Engaging Independent Contractors

By Taylor Hughes

Form 1099-MISC has been redesigned for the 2020 calendar year. Beginning with the 2020 calendar year, nonemployee compensation or amounts paid to nonemployee vendors, such as… Read article

How to Proactively Manage Remote Workers


With so many people working remotely, it’s important for businesses to know what to do to handle a remote workforce, especially when it’s a sudden change. Be proactive about setting expectations… Read article

Train Your Employees to Be Customer-Friendly

By Shep Hyken

As you build a customer-focused and customer-friendly business, there are some things that your employees should never say to customers. The way they learn what to say and what not to say… Watch video

When Something Goes Wrong in Your CRM Upload

By Alejandro Castro

Probably one of the most frustrating issues is discovering there’s a missing piece somewhere, but being unable to find it. Fortunately, the GoSmallBiz CRM has a safety net in place to detect these issues… Read article

Why Entrepreneurs Need to Be Scramblers

By Fran Tarkenton

The things I did to become a better quarterback in the NFL have also had a major impact on my life in business. The principles from one directly applied to the other. The same attitude worked… Read article


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