Friday 5 for June 26th, 2020


Last Call for PPP Loan Applications, Use the SBA’s Lender Match Tool

By: Taylor Hughes

Small business owners who are considering, but have not yet applied for, a PPP loan should utilize the SBA’s Lender Match Tool as soon as possible, and no later than Friday, June 26, 2020. While… Read article

Take a Trip Down Your Customized Business Roadmap

By: GoSmallBiz

Have you noticed a new feature in your membership? The new Business Roadmap is ready for you! The Roadmap replaces our former Business Risk Assessment, and upgrades… Read article

Diverse Perspectives in Times of Crisis


When times of crisis come—like we’re in right now—organizations have to find ways to change and adapt. This is a difficult process, and one of the best assets you can have to help along the way is… Read article

Time to Take Notes

By: Alejandro Castro

Documenting or keeping record of these meetings is important in staying compliant and organized—being able to reference why the decisions were made and with whom they were decided are… Read article

Are You Managing the Details?

By: Shep Hyken

You may think of the “details” as small, unimportant things. But paying attention to all those small things, those little details, can add up to something huge. The customer experience is built… Watch video


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