Friday 5 for July 24th, 2020


Why Your Business Needs to Conduct a Competitive Analysis

By Taylor Hughes

Whenever a business owner is uncertain of a next step in any aspect of their business, especially when times of hardship are being experienced across the country, it is important to understand… Read article

Rules vs. “Rules”

By Shep Hyken

In any business, there are some hard and fast rules that no one can break, any time. But other rules are more like guidelines. While employees should be trained on the rule, they should also… Watch video

How Secure is Your Payroll?


Payroll is a top target for malicious actors, for a variety of reasons. Successful attacks can nab precious confidential information along with cash, and manual processes can lead to errors and… Read article

Organizing HR Documents

By Alejandro Castro

Developing a proper streamline screening practice for hiring new employees is key in ensuring that the best candidates are being brought on. Hiring an outside HR team may become an… Read article

Small Business in the News: July 23, 2020 Edition

By GoSmallBiz

Wondering what the latest news is about and for small businesses this week? We’ve got you covered! Here are 10 of the top headlines to help you understand how the news impacts small business… Read article

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