Friday 5 for July 19th, 2019


What to Do with an Angry Customer When It’s Not Your Fault

By Shep Hyken                                   

What do you do when a customer is upset about something that’s out of your control? It’s one thing when a customer is mad about something you did; you can go to work fixing it. But when… Watch video

Follow Best Practices, Not Fads


Are you implementing HR best practices, or are you following passing fads and trends? Are you even sure which is which? “Talent management” is one of the biggest concerns among… Read article

Don’t Disown Your Failures

By Fran Tarkenton

In my experience, on the field, in the huddle, in the locker room, in the marketplace, in the venture capital meeting, and even at the cocktail party, almost no one is willing to talk about failure… Read article

How to Keep the Office Movin’ and Shakin’ During Slow Times

By Deborah Sweeney

One of the best ways to gain one more customer is to keep your employees happy: your people who deal directly with the people. And sometimes, sales get slow and morale begins to droop… Read article

Motivating Salespeople

By Bill Wortman

Certainly there needs to be accountability and performance evaluation measures in place, but good motivation by management is always rooted in reward systems rather than fear in… Read article


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