Friday 5 for December 6th, 2019


Don’t Forget the Last Impression

By Shep Hyken

You know it’s important to make a good first impression. But what about your last impression? If you’re asking your customers to fill out a survey about their experience, that survey becomes… Watch video

The Growing Independent Worker Trend


An enormous number of people around the world are working on a freelance or contract basis, with some studies suggesting it could be as many as 50 percent of workers worldwide by 2020… Read article

What is Our Best?

By Fran Tarkenton

The simple truth is that any business person—including both you and me—must go to bed at night and wake up in the morning thinking about ways to get just one more customer. Without that… Read article

How to Be a Successful Serial Entrepreneur

By Deborah Sweeney

Running multiple businesses is not for the faint of heart—doing so requires a lot of work and dedication. But if you’re driven, motivated, and passionate about what you do and who you do it for… Read article

Do I Need Liability Insurance?

By Bill Wortman

Essentially, every business needs some amount of property, liability, and vehicle insurance depending upon the business activities and other factors. Business insurance is generally based on… Read article


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