Friday 5 for August 2nd, 2019


Why Customer Service Reps are Like Boxers

By Shep Hyken

What does a customer service representative have in common with a boxer? They both have to be able to take a punch—literally for the boxer, metaphorically in customer service. But customer service… Watch video

Paid Family Leave Requirements


While there are no federal legal requirements for paid family leave, several states already have laws on the books, some have laws that will go into effect in the next few years, and many other… Read article

Success is Not an Accident

By Fran Tarkenton

One of the many lessons I learned playing football that has completely translated into my life in business is that success doesn’t happen by accident; it takes a lot of hard work. Every player on the team… Read article

The Art of Friendly Networking

By Deborah Sweeney

If you can recall being on the playground, meeting a new playmate on a jungle gym, and being able to make an instant friend on the spot as a child, you can understand the appeal of networking… Read article

Resources for Measuring Customer Service

By Bill Wortman

Managing and measuring customer service varies by type of business products and services and can include counting customer calls and inquiries, measuring response time, customer surveys… Read article

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