Friday 5 for August 23rd, 2019


Are You Trying to Be a Hero, or a Leader?

By Fran Tarkenton

A leader who doesn’t listen and has to make every decision alone is too busy trying to be a hero to ever actually win the game. It takes a team who know, trust, and listen to one another… Read article

Small Business Mythbusters: How to Motivate Employees


Raises and bonuses certainly are ways businesses can motivate employees to work harder and better. But, cash isn’t the only way to encourage workers to improve their performance. Some studies… Read article

Good Customer Service Handoffs Create a Positive Experience

By Shep Hyken

Have you ever gotten the handoff? Everyone has at some point. You know, when you are talking to a customer service representative and he or she transfers you to someone else to resolve your issue… Read article

How Long Does It Take to File for a DBA?

By Deborah Sweeney

Take into consideration how long everything is going to take, and be prepared to wait on your documents. This does involve working with a government agency, after all, and so they’ll take… Read article

Working with Volunteers

By Bill Wortman

While you may want to develop policies for any volunteers that nonprofit organizations have working on your premises and provide those volunteers with a copy of your policies with a form… Read article


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