Friday 5 for April 19th, 2019


What’s the Best Way to Exit a Leadership Role?

By Deborah Sweeney

Magic Johnson’s departure from the Lakers raises the question: Is there a good way to exit a leadership position? No matter what level of leadership you’re at, here’s what you should do before bidding farewell… Read article

An Incredible Brand Promise

By Shep Hyken

I recently gave a presentation at River Valley Bank, which is changing its name to Incredible Bank. My experience there was a great example of creating a brand promise. It’s right there in the name… Watch video

Are You Watching Out for Workplace Bullying?


More businesses are increasing awareness of sexual harassment in the workplace, but there are other harmful behaviors that could negatively impact your business, too. Workplace bullying is a serious… Read article

Be an Open Door Leader

By Fran Tarkenton

Many leaders work hard and do all the right things to reach the top—only to make a huge mistake that undoes so much of that work. They close the door. What does that mean? A big part of… Read article

Taking Over an Existing Team

By Bill Wortman

While your most recent professional experience may be as a self-employed professional with no employees, you certainly have the work experience and knowledge to be an effective boss. To help… Read article


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