Friday 5 for April 17th, 2020


The Paycheck Protection Program and the Self-Employed

By Taylor Hughes

Self-employed individuals, sole proprietors, and independent contractors interested in applying for a PPP loan should contact their preferred local lender immediately to find out if the lender is… Read article

Survey: Small Businesses Impacted by Covid-19


In a recent survey of 1,000 small and midsized businesses in the United States, more than one-third said they not be able to survive more than three months in the current situation. That’s just… Read article

Today’s Trends Become Tomorrow’s Reality

By GoSmallBiz

While we’re still in the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic, it’s not too late to start thinking about how the business environment will look when the pandemic someday ends, and we reach a new normal… Read article

Setting Up a Website with GoSmallBiz

By Alejandro Castro

After subscribing to GoSmallBiz, users have full access to the website builder within their account. This tool is designed to be intuitive even for the least tech savvy. The important part is to make sure… Read article

Your Last Customer

By Shep Hyken

What would you do if you were down to your last customer? Maybe you’ve been losing customers, either to a competitor or to a general economic downturn. Or maybe you’re just starting and only… Watch video


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