Friday 5 for 2016


As we approach the New Year, this week’s Friday 5 features some of our top articles from the past year, including our Consultant’s Corner, our regular contributors, and our biggest announcements. Enjoy!

Tax Write-offs for a Single Member LLC

By: Bill Wortman

An LLC is unique in that it can be taxed as a disregarded entity, partnership, C Corp, or an S Corp. Unless an LLC elects corporate tax classification by filing Federal Form… 4 minute read

Know Your Limitations

By: Fran Tarkenton

We are all so scared of being inadequate. We have to be comfortable in our skin. That is an essential part of knowing your limitations. I am who I am… 4 minute read

Business Plan Software Wins Editors’ Choice Award

By: GoSmallBiz

In a comparison review of 10 online business plan software options for small to medium-sized businesses in 2016, the GoSmallBiz Business Planning Software… Read article

This Hidden Facebook Button Will Get Your Business Page Free Organic Likes

By: Harry Kierbow

I recently stumbled across a simple Facebook trick that will let you invite people who have liked your posts, but not your page, to come and like your page. Free, targeted likes… 4 minute read

179 Reasons Business Owners Need This Tax Deduction

By: Ted Jenkin

In the flurry of tax changes that happened for 2016, one of the most overlooked deductions by small business owners is the Section 179 tax deduction. This deduction was set… 2 minute read


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