Friday 5 for February 22nd, 2019


5 Ways to Say “Thank You”

By Shep Hyken

Showing appreciation to your customers is a big step to creating a memorable experience and being truly amazing. So what are the things you do to tell your customers, “Thank you!” While there… watch video

Campbell’s Soup Trademarks Chunky: Why It’s a Great Move for the Brand

By Deborah Sweeney

After years of association, the word “chunky” is now a trademark of the Campbell Soup Company. Learn from this example about when it’s worthwhile for a business to trademark terms in their business… Read article

Benefits of Hiring Boomers


It’s common to hear talk about hiring young people, Millennials. But despite some people having a bias toward hiring younger workers, there are great benefits to hiring older workers… Read article

Are You Multiplying Your Team’s Success or Diminishing It?

By Fran Tarkenton

Today’s workplace psychologists separate CEOs and managers into two categories: “diminishers” and “multipliers.” Unfortunately, it seems that there are far more “diminishers.” Those are the bosses who… Read article

Cold Calling Techniques

By Bill Wortman

As for follow-up time frames, they can vary depending on the particular products or services being sold, the typical sales cycle and other factors. Thus, there is no standard time frame for following up with… Read article


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