Friday 5 for February 1st, 2019


Don’t Just Keep Up—Stand Out!

By Shep Hyken

Making sure that you’re keeping up with what your competitors are doing is a good start, but directly going head-to-head might not be the best strategy. Instead, find ways you can stand out—be different… Watch video

You Can Get a Tax Credit for Hiring a New Employee!


Did you know that it’s possible to hire a new employee and get a tax credit for it? The Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) program provides a tax credit for employers who hire workers who are… Read article

Don’t Miss Out on What Could Be Your Signature Idea

By Edwin Bevens                                                                     

When you’re having great success, it’s easy to resist trying something new. Comfort sets in—and the fear that changing might cost you. Be like newly elected Hall of Famer Mariano Rivera, who in 1997… Read article

How to Hear the Customer Out in Three Easy Steps

By Deborah Sweeney

There are some customers that just want to be heard. We all know the type—they aren’t so much upset with your company as they just want your company to hear them out. In fact, these types of customers… Read article

Banks CDs for Small Business Financing

By Bill Wortman

In our opinion, having investors buy a bank CD (or CDs) to secure a bank loan is not a good option since the money is still at risk if you default on the loan (collateralized by the CD). Also, under this option… Read article


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