Friday 5 for February 15th, 2019


Cultural Fit or Cultural Add?


When you’re looking to hire new people for your team, you’ll likely hear a lot of advice about hiring for “cultural fit,” finding people who are a good match for the existing team. But one risk… Read article

Figure Out Why Your Customers Come to You

By Shep Hyken

Do you know why your customers choose to do business with you? People have all kinds of different reasons for making the decisions they make, including which companies to buy from. For some… Watch video

Failure is Not Final

By Fran Tarkenton

Owning failure means you examine it, rethink it, and figure out how to improve. Our parents tell us things like “Learn from your mistakes.” Most of us don’t listen—which is, of course, a mistake… Read article

4 Reasons Corporations Are Attractive to Investors

By Deborah Sweeney

Every new, and established alike, business needs some investors to get their venture off the ground. Without the initial funding, there would be a lot of startups that would never even get to see… Read article

How Much Should You Budget for Marketing?

By Bill Wortman

For established businesses, the general guideline for a marketing budget is a percentage of sales. However, for a startup business with no sales history, the considerations include… Read article


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