Friday 5 for December 29th, 2017


Free Can Be a Great Customer Service Strategy

By Shep Hyken

Giving away something of value for free can be one of the most effective ways to provide great customer service. The cost of the item or service that you give away can be small… 3 minute read

Questions for Your Parental Leave Policy


There are many factors that go into a business’s decision on whether to offer parental leave. There are legal questions: businesses with 50 or more employees are required by law, while… Read article

5 Questions to Ask When Choosing a Location for Your Business

By Chris Barnes

You’ll want to consider the laws governing businesses in your area of operation. Particularly if you decide to register your business as a corporation, there are various laws regarding… 2 minute read

Small Biz Stories: Training and Education

By Dan Fontaine

Many professions and businesses require additional training and education above and beyond the knowledge necessary to start and run a business every day… Watch video

Protecting Your Business from Employee Theft

By Bill Wortman

Effective hiring procedures are important for every employer; however, since you will have employees taking company assets off premise, handling customer cash payments, working on… 2 minute read

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