Friday 5 for December 22nd, 2017


4 Steps to Handling Holiday Stress

By Shep Hyken

The holidays are meant to be a time of joy, but for many businesses and customers, it’s a time of great stress. Crowds, traffic, and time crunches pile atop one another to create stress… Watch video

Keep the Focus on Your Message, Not Your PowerPoint Slides

By Will Adams

You and your message should be the focus of the presentation, not the slides themselves. Slides are only there to provide visual support to your message. Remember, your audience… 5 minute read

Unique Funding Opportunities for Women-Owned Businesses


While women own 30 percent of small businesses in the United States and are expected to generate a third of the new jobs, they receive less than 5 percent of the small business loan money… Read article

Building Customer Relationships

By Fran Tarkenton

Your best prospects are your existing customers. If you’ve been putting all your marketing efforts into acquiring new customers, stop and divert some of your resources into reselling… 4 minute read

Do I Need Liability Insurance?

By Bill Wortman

Essentially, every business needs some amount of property, liability, and vehicle insurance depending upon the business activities and other factors. Business insurance is generally based… 2 minute read


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