Friday 5 for August 17th, 2018


3 Ways to Build a Consistent Customer Experience

By Shep Hyken

The old saying goes that the three secrets to success in real estate are location, location, and location. But I have to say, the three secrets of customer service success are similar: consistency, consistency, and consistency… Watch video

How Hiring Apps Can Save You Time and Money


The average employee is spending less and less time with a company before moving on to a new job, and businesses will need to find new ways to improve and speed hiring. Believe it or not… Read article

Do You Know What You’re Failing At?

By Fran Tarkenton

Failure is a gift, but only if you know about it. You don’t know unless you ask, and the people you ask are the customers and the people who work for you to serve the customers. I once learned a story… Read article

The Right Way to Go into Business with a Partner

By Deborah Sweeney

Starting a business up with a partner is a great idea—not only does a business partner effectively halve the staggering amount of work that comes with forming a new company, but having a partner… Read article

Contingency Plans for Sole Proprietors

By Bill Wortman

How should I respond if a prospective client asks what will happen if something happens to me and I’m unable to do the work for any reason? The answer will vary based on the type of services, and… Read article

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