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Take Control of Your Health Care Costs

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Don’t Do These 4 Things When Business is Booming

By Deborah Sweeney

Success in business is just as much cautionary as it is celebratory. When you start breaking even and gradually grow used to business being on the up and up, naturally you’ll be… 3 minute read

Take Time to Learn Someone’s Story

By Will Adams

When you’re encountering someone for the first time, you don’t know their story. Heck, there are some people in our lives that we’ve been around for years, and we still don’t… 3 minute read

Don’t Operate on Your Personal Assumptions

By Shep Hyken

What you think is not always what other people think. Assuming that your personal likes and dislikes and way of doing things is universal can lead you to make big mistakes. What’s more… Watch video

What’s a Premium Audit?


Premium audits may be required for your business insurance policies, especially workers’ compensation policies. Don’t be afraid! These audits are intended to make sure your insurance… Read article


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