Finding Motivation in Tough Times


Let’s talk a little bit about dealing with the issues and problems that are going to come up with you during this year. You are going to have issues—we all are. You are going to have appointments that are cancelled. You’re going to have sales and orders that are cancelled. You are going to have family situations that pull on you and a variety of other circumstances that come about. You are going to be looking at all kinds of internal and external circumstances and you are going to be asking, “Is this a good time?”

While they may not seem to be, some of these issues are irrelevant. And the more relevance you place on them, the more they are going to bother you, and the more they are going to become an issue. But the bottom line is, where do I start to solve these issues? Well, you don’t really have a choice. You can’t start yesterday because it’s gone. You can’t start tomorrow because if you always say tomorrow, it’s never going to be here. The only place you can start is right where you are.

You can make excuses like, “I don’t have as much education as this person over here.” But you have got what you’ve got. “I don’t have as many contacts as this person over here.” You’ve got what you’ve got. The only choice you have—and the quicker you take responsibility for this and understand it the better—is that you are responsible for what happens to you today. The only choice you have is to start where you are.

So quit worrying about where you’re not, and what you didn’t do. Quit thinking about what may happen in the future and what you might do, and start focusing on what you can do right now to make some changes, because you are not really a year away, a month away, or a week away from making things happen. You are a decision away from making the right things happen in your business, in your sales, and in your life. That’s powerful motivation.

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Nick Serba

Nick Serba

Nick Serba has enjoyed a successful career spanning 30 years in Sales, Sales Training, Sales Leadership Training, and Sales Management. Some of his experiences include working as a General Manager with New York Life, operating numerous entrepreneurial businesses, and, for the last 20 years, serving as a Regional Vice President for LegalShield.