Business Mentoring: Team-Oriented Millennials

Team Oriented Millennials

Every generation responds to different marketing messages, due to the differences in their life experiences and outlook. Ann Fishman, the author of Marketing to the Millennial Woman, says that one of the most important things to do for reaching younger generations today is to support local athletic teams, as Millennials are more focused on team activities than the past two generations.

One of the key characteristics of Millennials, especially compared to Generation Xers and Baby Boomers, is thinking in terms of the needs of the team over the individual. They are group oriented, and Millennial women in particular represent a major development from the past.

In this session, you’ll learn:

  • How participation trophies shaped Millennial workers
  • Three reasons Millennial women are shattering the glass ceiling
  • How bosses should give positive reinforcement to Millennials
  • Why the next generation after the Millennials is likely to be more conformist

Watch this week’s full mentoring session below:

Come back next week for more business mentoring with Ann Fishman, looking at the importance of generational knowledge!

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