Business Mentoring: Culture Means Empowerment

Culture Means Empowerment

TJ Muehleman of Standard Code and We&Co equates culture with empowerment. What does that mean? As a leader, he wants to build a culture where everyone has the latitude—and the necessary tools—to take action and solve problems.

While many think of ping-pong tables and beer in the fridge as examples of culture, TJ sees it differently. Their culture is a team of people he trusts and believes in, and who can do things on their own without needing to go straight to the top on every issue.

To ensure that team culture survives and thrives, TJ says it’s important to be diligent in the hiring process. He is not interested in where someone went to college, what they majored in, or what their GPA was. Instead, he’s looking at whether they are problem solves, and whether they are people he and his team would like to be around. In business, you are around each other all the time, and building a family environment with trust and respect requires compatible people.

That culture fit is also important for finding partners. Partners need to understand your culture for the relationship to work. The partnerships that work are about people with common values and common, but complementary assets.

In this session, you’ll learn:

  • How to empower employees
  • Why all-stars are not enough
  • Why empathy is a valuable trait
  • How to find great partners

See the complete mentoring session below:

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