Best of the Business Mentoring Series — The Art of Negotiation with Molly Fletcher


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As we continue counting down the best of last year’s Business Mentoring Show, we look back to October’s chat with Molly Fletcher, a sports agent who was nicknamed “the female Jerry Maguire” by CNN.

Molly has represented top athletes, coaches, and media figures including John Smoltz, Bobby Cox, Doc Rivers, Tom Izzo, and hundreds more. As one of the only female sports agents in the country, she has received many awards and honors, and she speaks to audiences nationwide about business development, management, team building, negotiation, and women in leadership. Her latest book is “A Winner’s Guide to Negotiating: How Conversation Gets Deals Done.”

Episode 1: A Negotiation Starts with a Conversation

The foundation to any successful negotiation is a relationship.

1 Minute Preview — A Negotiation Starts with a Conversation

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Episode 2: Trust and Authenticity in Negotiations

Connect with people—and not just at a technological level, but at a human level. But above all, seek to be authentic.

1 Minute Preview — Trust and Authenticity in Negotiations

Episode 3: Going the Extra Mile

You can never do too much for a partner or a customer.

1 Minute Preview —  Going the Extra Mile

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Episode 4: Knowing When to Negotiate

The costs of not negotiating can really add up over a lifetime. And it’s not always just about dollar signs.

1 Minute Preview — Knowing When to Negotiate

Next week, we’ll wrap up our best of series with Jen Osbon, lecturer in digital marketing at the University of Georgia.

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