Best of Mentoring: Jim Flannery on Putting Company First


Jim Flannery’s mentoring series is all about supporting new entrepreneurs, and how startups can put themselves in the best position to succeed. He and Fran talk about the common themes in the lives of successful entrepreneurs, the importance of listening to customers, and how incubators like Four Athens help startups.

In this session, Jim shares one of his most fundamental pieces of advice for new businesses looking for money: put the company first. Develop the business first, and then go to investors and look for capital when your idea is fully thought through and sustainable.

Watch this “Best of” mentoring session below:

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About Jim Flannery

Jim Flannery is the Project Director of the Four Athens incubator in Athens, Georgia, helping to promote the startup community in Athens. He provides information, guidance, and assistance on business strategy, business plans, financial planning, and identifying sources of funding for new entrepreneurs. Four Athens is building a foundation for the local startup community by helping entrepreneurs develop their ideas, build the relationships they need to succeed, and get the resources they need to grow.



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