Tax Consultation | Powered by Tax Hotline

Every business should have dedicated help with one of the biggest needs of all: taxes. That’s why we’ve partnered with Tax Hotline, a full-service tax and accounting firm, to include on-demand tax consultation as an essential part of your membership. You’ll be ready to tackle even the toughest tax issues!

Why Choose GoSmallBiz
for Tax Consultations?


Phone consultations

Whenever you have a tax question, large or small, just call the member number. Tax Hotline has unlimited time for unlimited advice! They’ll help with multi-call issues, multi-issue calls, and calls during any time of year, in or out of tax season. You’ll never feel rushed, because you can get advice as often as necessary, all included in your membership.


Discounted tax preparation

When tax season hits, Tax Hotline is there to help you prepare and file your business’s tax returns and your personal returns, all for a low flat fee. There are no surprise bills or percentage fees coming out of your bottom line. They’ll also give you a free review of the prior year’s tax return, and provide IRS audit and notification assistance for those dreaded circumstances.

Common Business Tax Questions

“How will incorporation impact my business taxes?”
“What business expenses can I deduct?”
“How do I handle depreciation for business equipment?”
“What audit red flags are in my tax returns?"

GoSmallBiz does not provide tax advice or other advice that can only be provided by licensed professionals. GoSmallBiz partners with Tax Hotline. Tax Hotline is administered by Tax Hotline Co., which is not a law firm, an insurance policy, insurance coverage, debt consolidation program, legal services program, or legal referral plan. Tax Hotline is pleased to answer your tax questions based on the information you provide. Inadequate or incorrect information provided by the member to Tax Hotline may lead to an incorrect answer for which Tax Hotline cannot be held responsible. You, the member, are responsible for providing accurate information and/or documentation to Tax Hotline. If you think you have a legal need, contact an attorney in your local jurisdiction.