Tailfin Marketing: Differentiate Yourself

Tailfin Marketing’s approach is all about identifying differentiation opportunities—ways to show how a business is different from everybody else. How is your idea different from what’s already out there? It doesn’t have to be wildly different, but you have to be able to explain and defend a real brand position that differentiates you from the competition. The biggest challenge startups face, then, is losing focus. They want to do everything—they want to be the leader in an area where there is already a leader, or get involved in other areas where they don’t have a way of differentiating.

At the end of the day, this is the most important marketing question to answer, “What are things that will make people remember your brand and what’s different about it?” Find that focus, stick to it, and articulate it clearly.

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Dan Fontaine

Dan Fontaine

Dan Fontaine is the Director of Video Production at Tarkenton Companies and for 4P Productions, directing creative strategy sessions, script writing, and both studio and live shoots. Prior to joining Tarkenton Companies, Dan studied video editing at New York University and worked on projects for The Science Channel, U.S. Soccer, Coca-Cola, and more. With extensive experience in video production, post-production, and web distribution, Dan can help answer any video-related questions you may have.