Swiftly Design: Professional Edits to Creative Projects


For businesses that don’t require the attention of a full-time designer but want to avoid the hassle of recruiting and hiring a freelancer, Swiftly offers a reasonable alternative. A subsidiary of 99designs, a graphic and web design Crowdsourcing site reviewed previously, Swiftly has a team of designers ready to deliver edits within a matter of hours for a flat fee of $15.

In this review, I’ll show how in three steps you can have professional edits made to your business’s creative projects.

Accomplish your design edits in three easy steps:

  1. Upload Your Design. Begin by simply uploading your design under an editable file format and mentioning which element of the design you would like to have changed.
  2. Wait For Notification. As soon as the changes have been made, you will receive a notification verifying that your newly edited file is ready for download.
  3. Download the Edited File. Review the edited file to make sure that the changes were made according to order, approve the changes and submit your $15 payment.

Here are few examples of the types of changes that are possible through Swiftly:

  • Logo Alterations
  • Business Card Edits
  • Photo Resizing and Cropping
  • Artwork Vectorization
  • Photo Retouching
  • Powerpoint Edits
  • Banner Ad Edits
  • Icon Resizing and Tweaks
  • Copy Edits
  • Marketing Template Changes
  • File Conversion

While Swiftly is not the perfect solution for everyone, there are several scenarios under which I would recommend a business to take advantage of the service:

  • When a business has the capacity to start basic creative tasks but lacks the expertise to make final adjustments.
  • When a business has used a freelancer for a creative project but needs to make a final adjustment to the design before its finalized and for whatever reason the freelancer is not available.
  • When a business considers the $15 fee for Swiftly to be a cost- and time-effective solution given the high cost of hiring a freelancer and the time constraints of running a business.

Ed Fox

Ed Fox works closely with partnership stakeholders and product leaders on business strategic planning, as Director of Technology. Ed leads the product and technology teams, directing operations while working with clients to ensure a successful development process and, when appropriate, integration with existing platforms. Ed’s specialty is aligning technology vision and strategy with product and business direction, and converting strategic plans into platforms that can grow in the market.