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Every startup has to develop a process for doing business. Whether that means the business owner has sketched a detailed map of each employee’s day-to-day functions or merely drawn out a list of guiding principles that lead the organization through each and every business transaction. There must be a process in place to set out a clear picture of what is to be expected and to develop unity within an organization.

Issues arise when processes become too complicated. Employees can get bogged down when they feel too constricted either by the policies that management has set in place or by the attitude that co-workers have shown towards their work. Here are a few tips that will help guide you through establishing the right processes for your small business.

Make Yourself Clear

One of the biggest inefficiencies in an organization arises as a result of poor communication. Don’t let there be any reason for employees to waste your time by asking you questions that could have already been answered. A clear process is an effective process.

Encourage Learning

While your small business might have hired a team of highly educated employees, a day should never go by where they aren’t learning. While educational meetings and distributed material offer learning in a direct fashion, a lot of learning can be achieved through simple collaboration among employees. You can encourage learning in your organization by implementing a process that enhances the use of effective educational methods in the office.

Don’t Waste Time

Time management should be a critical aspect of your small business processes. There is a lot to accomplish in the day of a small business, and inefficient use of business hours can make the difference between a project being a accomplished or delayed past the original deadline. It’s okay for employees to take a few breaks throughout the day, but they need to realize the importance of working quickly and effectively when they’re at their desk so that deadlines don’t pass without work that’s ready to showcase.

Rick Gossett

Rick Gossett

Rick Gossett has been COO of Tarkenton Companies for more than 20 years and is an expert in business operations, responsible for business software development, unique partnerships, business educational content, consulting, and more. Rick was the originator of Tarkenton Companies’ consulting services and, initially, personally answered every question. Before joining Tarkenton Companies, Rick owned and operated a private practice as a CPA. Prior to that, he was a Senior Manager at Pannell Kerr Foster in tax and audit, as well as Principal in Ernst & Young’s small business advisory group.