Staying in Compliance as an Employer

Staying in Compliance as an Employer

As a business and its workload grows, hiring assistance is necessary to make sure the daily operations are run smoothly. Hiring a team of workers poses its own challenge, as there are many laws that need to be considered, differing from state to state. In addition, ensuring all legal documents are in order when hiring employees falls onto the shoulders of the owner.

Investing in a business growth product that offers this information can be beneficial to small business owners. GoSmallBiz offers information detailed down to the state in which a business operates. This makes it extremely easy for an entrepreneur to find the human resources information needed when hiring. As a GoSmallBiz member, finding the information is simple, all information is updated yearly so that all business owners can keep up to date.

Accessing this feature is simple. All a user must do is visit and log in with their credentials. Once on the dashboard, he or she can hover over the application menu and click on the HR COMMUNICATIONS link.

This will bring the visitor to the HR COMMUNICATIONS panel. From there, user will select the HR DATABASE link provided in the upper right hand corner or the box at the bottom right. Here is where all vital information is located for any business owner across the country.

This link will cover information regarding federal laws and guidelines an employer will need to take into account when hiring, and in addition forms to complete if needed. When preparing, they can be downloaded as a PDF or a Word document.

Most importantly, during the hiring process, if an employer needs to find information on a specific state, there is a map with links to each state’s information.

When clicking on a state, all vital information regarding labor becomes available in an easy to understand chart. In addition, state posters and tax documents are available for employers to quickly print and provide new hires.

Growing a business doesn’t have to be painstaking if a solid team of employees are hired to help a business owner during this journey. GoSmallBiz provides the necessary tools to making the hiring process easy as well as keeping employers in compliance with state and federal regulations. These both protect the employer who has to complete and prepare all documents, as well as employees ensuring they are properly filed. As an organization’s family grows, GoSmallBiz makes the HR process simple and easy and in compliance.


Alejandro Castro

Alejandro Castro is a Client Consultant Specialist for and holds a Bachelor’s degree in International Business and Spanish from Georgia State University.