Small Biz Stories: The Evolution of a Brand


Brands don’t stay the same. They change and evolve over time, responding to both external and internal factors. Simms Jenkins of BrightWave Marketing says that his brand has been influenced by many of his team members, and evolved in very positive ways.

“I’ve certainly been influenced a lot on our brand by our Creative Director and by a lot of people here at BrightWave that have said, ‘Yeah, this is who we’ve been, but we should be a little more like this,’” he says.

A brand is not locked into its original vision, or just the ideas of its founder. “Maybe going over to that side is not who I have been, or how or why I started the company, and that’s not a bad thing,” Simms says. “It doesn’t really matter what I mean, or what I think it means; you have to figure out what’s going to be the most valuable and relevant to your audience.”

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Dan Fontaine

Dan Fontaine

Dan Fontaine is the Director of Video Production at Tarkenton Companies and for 4P Productions, directing creative strategy sessions, script writing, and both studio and live shoots. Prior to joining Tarkenton Companies, Dan studied video editing at New York University and worked on projects for The Science Channel, U.S. Soccer, Coca-Cola, and more. With extensive experience in video production, post-production, and web distribution, Dan can help answer any video-related questions you may have.