Setting up a Website with GoSmallBiz

Setting Up a Website with GoSmallBiz

In today’s business world, having an Internet presence is essential to building and growing a company. The Internet is an avenue to untouched customers and sources of revenue. A business can extend from its physical location to uncharted areas, selling its merchandise anywhere in the US (and the world).

However, many entrepreneurs may ask themselves how to begin moving into virtual real estate. Building a website can be daunting and expensive, especially for the unexperienced. It may require specialized computer skills or contracting a third party to build one. However, there are tools available, such as GoSmallBiz, which offers an easy do-it-yourself builder and allows a business owner to add a valuable presence on the web.

After subscribing to GoSmallBiz, users have full access to the website builder within their account. This tool is designed to be intuitive even for the least tech savvy. The important part is to make sure to set up the site correctly.

When a user logs in, once they reach the DASHBOARD, they can hover over the APPLICATIONS tab and click on the WEBSITE BUILDER, which is the first option available.

This will bring the user to the web builder page, where they can click on the green button that reads START/VIEW WEBSITE.

After clicking into the web builder, the user comes to a template selection page if it is their first time accessing the builder. It is important to know that once the user selects a template, they will not be able to change it without submitting a request to the GoSmallBiz support team. This is a built-in security feature, as changing a template will wipe any saved work, and the builder will have to start from a blank canvas.

If the user is unsure which template they would like to use, they can preview the different templates on the GoSmallBiz demo site, an additional benefit for new customers. This way, the business owner can see which style will best represent their company. The templates are generally based on different industries, yet completely customizable.

Once a template is selected, the next step is to set up a URL. A URL is an address specific to each website. This is the link that a business owner provides customers, or, if the name of a business is Googled, this is the link address that will populate in the search engine. In the SITE ADDRESS field, the user will create a name (which can only include lower case letters, numbers, or hyphens). This name is usually related to the business, but there are no limitations except for the character restrictions mentioned. The second bar is the website title. Once the address and title are created, they will lock and cannot be altered at a later date. If the user wants them changed, they need to request the GoSmallBiz support team to wipe their website, and the designer will need to start over.

Once the site address has been selected and the business owner has titled the website, they click on the green ADD SITE button. This will activate the web builder with the selected settings, and bring the user to the main website builder dashboard. From the website builder dashboard, the creator is ready to customize their page and settings.

Having a subscription that includes a website is convenient and also condenses additional costs. The website builder is easy to use and can be completely customized to build your online presence while a company is growing, allowing for a broader customer base and a deeper client reach. It’s all part of how GoSmallBiz’s multiple tools can enhance a business’s potential and truly focus on a company’s growth.

Alejandro Castro

Alejandro Castro is a Client Consultant Specialist for and holds a Bachelor’s degree in International Business and Spanish from Georgia State University.