Pay Your Employees While On The Go


For small business owners who don’t expect to always be in the office, there need to be processes set in place that maximize productivity when working from a remote location. That’s where mobile technology comes into a play, and a Smartphone application called Online Payroll by Intuit is an option for entrepreneurs who appreciate the flexibility of managing payroll while on the go. Here are a few features that make Online Payroll a useful productivity app for businesses owners:

Instant Paychecks

When it comes time to pay your employees, you enter the amount or their hourly rate and paychecks are generated instantly. You also have the option of choosing to either print your checks or have them directly deposited to your employees’ account.

Schedule a Payday

With Online Payroll, you can schedule paydays in advance so that your employees always get paid on time, and you don’t get distracted from your normal business day.

Manage Your Taxes

Another feature of Online Payroll is that you can fill out tax forms and set up tax payments with the application so that you don’t have to worry about IRS compliance when paying your employees from a mobile device.

Follow Your Payment History

Online Payroll makes it easy to record and track payments. It’s also fully integrated with Intuit Quickbooks, so if you already using their accounting software, your records are updated automatically when payments are made.

Add and Remove Employees

As your company evolves, Online Payroll allows you to add and remove employees from the payroll so that your business’ payroll stays current even while you’re on the go.


The application is free to download, and the Intuit Online Payroll program comes with a free 30 day trial period after which there are two service options. A basic payroll service for $19/month and $1.50/employee enables you to pay employees, file federal and payroll taxes, set up direct deposit and fill out a W-2. An enhanced service for $29/month and $1.50/employee offers the added ability to pay contractors, file state taxes and complete a 1099.


Online Payroll is an easy and convenient option for small business owners who frequently travel or who simply enjoy accomplishing business tasks on their mobile devices. It’s particularly useful for businesses that already use Intuit Quickbooks so that records are synced in real-time. If you’re not sure whether the service is worth the money, weigh the service’s cost against the amount of time you anticipate saving or convenience you might add.

Ed Fox

Ed Fox

Ed Fox works closely with partnership stakeholders and product leaders on business strategic planning, as Director of Technology. Ed leads the product and technology teams, directing operations while working with clients to ensure a successful development process and, when appropriate, integration with existing platforms. Ed’s specialty is aligning technology vision and strategy with product and business direction, and converting strategic plans into platforms that can grow in the market.