Midweek Reading: Employment Brand, User Experience, and Apple


Gallup research finds that for companies to attract the best employees, they have to create and market a strong employment brand just as they market their brand to consumers.

If you’ve ever been driven to the brink of madness trying to put together Ikea furniture, Chris Myers shares how his recent assembly experiences influenced his thoughts about user experience.

The New York Times breaks down the conflict between Apple and the FBI over unlocking an iPhone in the San Bernardino shooting investigation, and the obligations of business to customers, shareholders, and the government.

The podcasting medium is on the rise, but advertisers are still slow to jump on board, with a small group of direct response marketers predominating.

For all the doom and gloom talk, many economic indicators are very positive about the future for American entrepreneurship, and the Kauffman Foundation foresees a coming entrepreneurial boom.

Before you open a second location for your business, ask yourself these six questions.

Starting a business with the right cofounder can mean the difference between success and failure. Mike Tuchen of Talend discusses how he learned the importance of that lesson.

As more and more Baby Boomers look to retire, they are selling their businesses at booming rates. Prices are up for successful businesses as investors are looking for safe assets for their cash.

Jonathan Aberman recommends that entrepreneurs not focus so much on seeking venture capital, preserving autonomy and independence in most cases.

Millennial entrepreneurs are starting more companies, at a younger age, with larger staffs, and higher profit targets than entrepreneurs from the Baby Boomer generation.

Edwin Bevens

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