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As technology integrates further into our businesses, we have all become more dependent on that technology working to keep everything running smoothly. So what can you do when that technology fails? Maybe your computer isn’t loading, your software isn’t launching, or your data is missing. Utilize our live and US-based tech support benefit to solve problems quickly and affordably! The average call is answered within 30 seconds, and the average handle time for an issue is just 45 minutes.

Why Choose GoSmallBiz
for Live Tech Support?

24/7 clock calendar

24/7 remote tech support

Technicians are available 24/7 to solve tech problems remotely. For many problems, there’s no need to go to a repair shop or wait for someone to fit you into their site schedule. Technicians can connect using a secure, encrypted connection to fix many issues, so you know your system and network are safe. Remote support is available for:

Software installation
PC maintenance
Data backup
Virus/spyware removal
And more!

Discounted onsite tech support

While many problems can be resolved remotely, there are some that require a technician on site. With your membership, you have access to a network of thousands of A+/MCP/MCSE certified technicians who can come to your home or office to take care of any technology issue. All onsite tech support is provided at a 60% discount, helping you save on these critical service calls! Onsite support is available for:

Data recovery
New computer installation
Wireless network installation
Broadband repair or install
Printer service
Software training
Server support
And more!

Service for your devices

Our team isn’t interested in playing the blame game and bouncing you back and forth between the hardware company and the software company. Our goal is simply to fix the problem. Technicians are available to handle all kinds of issues, including:

Digital cameras
Internet of Things