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Finding the right answers for business questions can be difficult, daunting and exasperating. Ensuring that a business gets the right answers in order to succeed is important, but so is making sure that the process is cost-effective. GoSmallBiz offers a great consultation service through its subscription in addition to the CRM and website builder. With the backing of certified consultants answering all questions, these experts can be reached through the consultant corner within a few simple clicks.

Every GoSmallBiz member has unlimited online consultations available through the portal. Depending on the details of the answer, the member will receive an answer in one to two business days, in a written format. This is a great function because the business owner can take their time reviewing the answer and also making notes, creating new consultations, requesting further details, and exploring all options provided to them by the consultants. In addition, this tool keeps all consultations on file so the client can go back and review the answers.

Reaching the consultation portal is simple. The member must log in in to the GoSmallBiz account. On the dashboard, they can reach hover over the CONSULTATION tab and click on the BUSINESS CONSULTATION link.

The user will be redirected to the index page where they can view or submit questions. ‘Answered’ questions will be shown and include the date, status, category, and title. There will also be a VIEW button for the asker to review the answer as many times as needed. The second portion is dedicated to the ‘Pending’ questions, so the person submitting the questions can keep track of their questions. For submitting a question, there is a green ASK A QUESTION button to the left.

Submitting a question is simple: first, select a topic, type out the question, and then click the green SUBMIT button. Below there is also a place to check the email where the completion confirmation will be sent and if there’s a need to add a different email instead. If there are additional documents that need to be added (for example, if the user is asking for a business plan to be reviewed), those can be emailed to, referencing the business consultation question that was submitted. If the user is submitting documents to the email, they need to make sure they also submit the consultation as well; without the consultation request, the consultants will not be able to respond. Also, if the question will be lengthy or have multiple points, we recommend drafting it separately in your word processor in order to avoid being timed out by GoSmallBiz’s security feature.

Once the consultation is submitted, in one to two business days the user will have their answer available to review, dissect, and, if needed, request more answers and explore the conclusions provided to him or her by the consultants. This is one of the greatest assets on the GoSmallBiz platform—the availability to have professional expert consultants on all topics conveniently accessible at all times with just a couple of clicks, and without additional costs. Getting the right answers has become even easier while still being mindful of costs for business owners.


Alejandro Castro

Alejandro Castro is a Client Consultant Specialist for and holds a Bachelor’s degree in International Business and Spanish from Georgia State University.