Geoff Wilson — The Importance of Self Education


To ensure a successful business, it’s important for entrepreneurs to continuously learn. Staying on top of industry trends, current events and more are crucially important, yet not everyone does enough of it. “It’s something that I didn’t do enough of in my early days,” says 352 Inc.’s Geoff Wilson, “and as a result I think we grew more slowly that we would have grown otherwise and we made more mistakes along the way.”

“Some of that could have been avoided,” he says, “if I had read more, if I had sought out more mentors, and if I had been part of more business groups.” It’s not all about consuming mass amounts of information- it’s about consuming the right types of information- and many times having a mentor is invaluable in finding this information.

Spare time is not usually something that business owners have, though, so how are they supposed to self educate? You have to make it. “Some successful entrepreneurs that I know actually build time into their schedule for self-education,” says Geoff. “They take at least a day a month where they block off their entire day [for self education].” It may be hard to find the time, but to keep a business growing, it’s a necessity.

Geoff talks more about the importance of self education and his strategies in this 2 minute video:

Check back next week for more from Geoff. How do you self educate?

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Dan Fontaine

Dan Fontaine

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