Employment Agreement

Employment agreements help you hire and retain key employees. By explicitly spelling out the terms and conditions of employment, the agreement gives both the business and the employee a clear understanding of the expectations, rights, and responsibilities that come with the role. Use our fully customizable Employment Agreement template to build a powerful team.

Why Use the GoSmallBiz
Employment Agreement?


Clarify Compensation and Benefits

Use your employment agreement to explicitly document the starting salary or wages for the employee, as well as any incentive pay, so that both sides know exactly what to expect. Let your employees know about what benefits come with the position, including:

Vacation and sick leave
Medical and life insurance
Retirement plans
And more!

Spell Out Terms of Employment

The employment agreement is the perfect place to clearly state the duties and responsibilities of an employee, and to dictate the term of employment and termination conditions. By making it clear under what conditions and with what notice either the company or the employee can end the employment relationship, the agreement gives stability that operations will not be unnecessarily disrupted and protection for the employee’s livelihood.


Fully Customizable Template

The GoSmallBiz Employment Agreement is fully customizable, so you can edit it to your exact needs. Add your company’s specific information, include details specific to each employee, and add or remove sections as needed. You’ll save time and give yourself the peace of mind knowing that your company is protected.