Email Marketing with CRM

Building a business is all about relationships. With our Customer Relationship Manager and Email Marketing, you’ll be able to streamline your sales, marketing, and communications to reach new customers and improve customer retention and profitability.

Why Choose the
GoSmallBiz CRM?


Detailed customer records

Increase sales opportunities by building and strengthening client relationships. Store all customer and prospect data in our Customer Relationship Manager, including notes and documents for each contact. You’ll be able to:

Track lead sources
Maintain activity history
Identify most effective marketing and sales channels
Optimize your marketing budget
Reach more people

Email marketing

Email campaigns are one of the most effective tools for reaching your target market and developing relationships with customers and prospects. That’s why our CRM is fully integrated with Mailchimp’s industry-leading email marketing platform, making it easier than ever to plan, schedule, and personalize your email marketing campaigns.

12,000 total emails per month free
Larger email lists and unlimited email upgrades available
2,000 contacts free
Reporting tools to measure user engagement